Thunder All Through The Night..!

Got the new Fx OS reference mobe delivered from Malaysia in under a week by DHL. Buyer beware! You will be liable for import duty, the British Value added tax.

First thoughts; 1.3 seems stable & performance is night & day compared to old ZTE Open. Thundersoft aim to supply OTA updates with each major point release as per their contractual obligations with Mozilla. What with any rough edges being forgiven for regular updates coming down the pipes, this stands in stark contrast to ZTE, who dragged their feet on releasing (any) updates, effectively crippling the Open then foisting the Open C on their customers as an upgrade.

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Camp Redmond

As an example of Microsoft being relevant, they released an official Bing app for Firefox OS, kudos MS! I still use a Microsoft mouse & just bought a Xbox 360 controller as it works OTB with Steam client. People say Ubuntu is faster & more user friendly than Windows 8, but what with rumours of a native Linux Office port circulating, for sure MS is too big to fade away any time soon.

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openSUSE 13.1 Tumbleweed KDE


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Elementary OS Luna

Screenshot from 2014-06-26 15:59:37

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Elementary My Dear Watson… (Said Sherlock Holmes Never)

Elementary OS is minimalist, so sparse in fact, that it could be seen as just a collection of apps. Besides a file browser & settings there really isn’t all that much to see, or even tweak. Billed as the OS that just gets out of your way, you are not kidding! Compared to KDE’s bells & whistles, do I try GNOME 3.12 next? What with the NVidia Linux love-in, I’m hoping they can manage a decent splash screen for the next point release (14.04.)

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Get My Geek on…

Coin of Linux

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