My Windows 7 Verdict

It’s safe to say Win 7 is my favourite OS.  It’s, as anyone using it will testify, a step up from XP.  It’s sheeny, it’s shiny.  It boots far quicker (with BitLocker disabled) on identical hardware than disk thrashing XP.  It even appears to outpace Ubuntu boot wise, though I have yet to time it.

It just, well, works.  & here is it’s downfall.  There is only so much surfing of the internet one can do, & then what?

Being closed source there is no gaggle of programmers with a bunch of cool new apps to try.  No improved functionality.  No bugs, as such, to report to be fixed.  No gritty, fly by the seat of your pants, getting dirty, computing.  No advanced customization.

And so, my favourite OS tends to be the one I use the most.  Windows does very few things exclusively that Linux cannot now handle.  All this & free!  (Pretty impressive.)  And, for all the above reasons, the OS I tend to use the most is Ubuntu.  Apart from the odd copy & paste PayPal invoice or last weeks malware hunt, there is very little reason to fire up Redmond’s best.

I, for one, will not be clamouring to try Windows Eight, if purely for economical reasons.  But despite all this, Windows 7 still holds a special place in my heart.

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