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Fresh Faced

Well now, Linus Benedict Torvalds is voting with his feet & giving both Unity & Gnome Shell a wide berth.  Apparently, he is switching to XFCE.  Which I like to pronounce X-Face [I am probs alone in this.] So, who am I to … Continue reading

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Yet Another Reason…

Banshee’s Amazon MP3 Store integration.  Finally something to rival iTunes on a Linux platform & 30p a track cheaper too.

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Aero Snap Clone

Another reason to upgrade to 11.04: Proper native aero snap. Bye bye Compiz edge binding kludge.  Would think Microsoft would have a patent on that, guess Linux is not a threat…

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It’s days like this when the light is strong that I regret not scoring a sweet high definition monitor.  Everything looks pixelated, even more of an eyesore on a made in 2k laptop…

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Ubuntu 11.04 Power Management

Well, refinement upon refinement.  PC C2D tower now resumes from suspend via keyboard press just like 7.  Worth upgrading for that alone! Supernice! EDIT: Although proprietary NVIDIA driver is now broken, so no desktop effects.  : (

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*buntu SSD Tweaks

As you may’ve read, I hope to be upgrading soon to a KingSpec PATA SSD.  I was researching as to what tweaks are needed, even essential, under the Ubuntu OS.  The following is pretty much definitive: Upgrade the kernel if … Continue reading

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Xubuntu Laptop Mode

If like me, laptop mode is disabled, as it has been since Edgy. (Because of problems with some ThinkPads according to Fire up Synaptic & install the “laptop-mode-tools” package.  You should find your HDD will spin down more often & … Continue reading

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k3b & gLabels ~ A winning combination!

Although there are some instances when only MS Windows will cut it…The reverse is also true with #nix, or more specifically Ubuntu Linux. I do not have Nero so use K3b.  Printing the CD/DVD labels with gLabels.  K3b will not … Continue reading

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We Are United…

Am thinking of upgrading Ubuntu 10.10 t0 11.04 to give myself another 6 month stay of execution beyond April 2012. Will be using “Classic” mode, none of this Unity rubbish.  Hopefully use Gnome III in future when it’s more rounded … Continue reading

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The Bear & The Flag Pole…

“This above all; to thy own self be true.” ~ WILLIAM SHAKESPEAR (1564-1616)

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