Ubuntu 11.04 Power Management

Well, refinement upon refinement.  PC C2D tower now resumes from suspend via keyboard press just like 7.  Worth upgrading for that alone!


EDIT: Although proprietary NVIDIA driver is now broken, so no desktop effects.  : (

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2 Responses to Ubuntu 11.04 Power Management

  1. lenniepaul says:

    So you are into open source software / o.s. then lee? Whenever I try to use them seem to have problems any they malfunction after a while . I have got fedora on my laptop but it no longer loads properly. Will give it another go when I get the time as I like the concept .

    • fleamour says:

      Laptop hardware is not always supported so well as desktops. Sound/wireless cards are sometimes not compatible. I have reported what bugs I have come across & they have all been fixed, which is nice.

      So my experience is that Linux gets more & more refined over time. Plus it runs sprightly on old hardware, when compared to XP/Vista. It breathes new life into otherwise paper weights!

      You can always trial the live CD first, running entirely in RAM & not touching your setup.

      Fedora was rated second place behind Ubuntu in Micro Mart magazine recently. It has good community support, also being user friendly.


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