Windows Eight

Well, what with Windows Eight being revealed at yesterdays Build conference.  The future of computing has been decided for us as being tablet based & touch-centric.

This is certainly a bold departure from the traditional desktop that I much prefer.  Though to be honest, I am hardly an early adopter, seeing this as just another way to get us to upgrade, & flog us new kit.

What do you think?

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2 Responses to Windows Eight

  1. lenniepaul says:

    well most new models of any consumer goods are designed to get us to upgrade . Technology progresses at a fast pace and we are soon left behind with hardware that cannot cope with the new software but I think you will have to leave behind the floppy disk now Lee!!

  2. fleamour says:

    Still got some odd magnetic tapes [music], remember them? Also got a whole raft of new never used floppies just sat on the shelf.


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