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Floex Album Zorya

Thought I’d big up musical artist Floex for his inspired chill/electronica.  Pay just 6 EUR, or more if desired.  Various popular lossy/lossless formats available:

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Windows Eight

Well, what with Windows Eight being revealed at yesterdays Build conference.  The future of computing has been decided for us as being tablet based & touch-centric. This is certainly a bold departure from the traditional desktop that I much prefer. … Continue reading

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Super Heavy

I, for one, am excited ’bout the upcoming release from Mick Jagger’s new super band fusing both Eastern & Western flavours. Out this Friday.  Download the deluxe version from Amazon MP3 (usually cheaper than iTunes.)

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Kernel 3.1 Logo

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Ray Charles is a gert genius. Go & buy The Definitive Ray Charles now peoples!

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Banshee Not Saving Artwork

Banshee artwork not saving?  Only for some albums? Banshee 2.0 exhibits a bug where the album artwork will not apply if album name is blank or set to unknown.

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