10 Speed Chain

Note to self ~ Always read the instructions!

When fitting an SRAM 10 speed chain the SRAM PowerLock does not come together/apart like the 9 speed SRAM PowerLink.  But instead is meant to fit permanently.

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4 Responses to 10 Speed Chain

  1. Ben Hutchings says:

    Interesting.. does it work a bit more like the singlespeed (SP1) chain powerlinks then? With those one side has 2 pins on, the other has a plate with 2 elongated holes in. The pinned side plate flexes slightly to snap into place.

    • fleamour says:

      Looks exactly the same as 9 speed PowerLink to the eye, same design in principle. But you have to cycle crank while bike is stationary to snap home, whereupon it stays shut (no matter what the coaxing.)

      • Ah, I see. So to remove you have to break the chain the old fashioned way. Wonder if some needle-nose pliers could un-link a 10sp powerlink? Might find out at Oktoberfest!!

  2. fleamour says:

    The instructions say to break with a chain tool.

    Should turn up Oktoberfest to offer some moral support.


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