XP => Xubuntu Migration

Weaning my mother gently from XP onto Xubuntu.  Have left written instructions on how to boot Xubuntu from F11 key press at POST (both OSs hard partitioned.)  Otherwise XP boots as normal.

Xubuntu boots into a instantly usable desktop, idle CPU, no waiting or incessant disk thrashing.  Hopefully the vast improvement in system responsiveness will win heart & mind.


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3 Responses to XP => Xubuntu Migration

  1. Ben Hutchings says:

    Wow… brave. She might be the first Unix-mum in the UK 😀

  2. fleamour says:

    Well she only reads/prints emails, IMs, does some internet banking & prints the odd photo. Xubuntu has all those bases covered & is fairly intuitive to use.

    I’ve thought long & hard about her upgrade path post XP & since I convinced her to purchase several hardware upgrades; I’d feel guilty foisting Win 7 on her for yet more money! (Especially as I cannot guarantee any improvement in performance.)

    I’ve just had to give her lessons on GMail vs Outlook Express & she already knows how to use Firefox.


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