I’m in LuuuuRve With Linux!!!

What with Windows increasingly becoming an alien environment, I love Linux!  I love how when things go wrong, there is always a viable explanation.

Weather app kaput?  Weather.com changed their business model to paid subscription.  There.  Nasty weather.com!  Have they not heard of open source?

I love the fact you get regressions.  (There is nothing so exciting ’bout a bug fix that’s been winding you up for ages.)

I lurve how companys give priority support to Windows, then Mac, then Linux.  How could it be otherwise?!?  Besides good things come to those who wait.

I love how XFCE/LXDE run rings round XP on identical hardware, hardware that by all reasons should be a door stop if not for Linux.

I love the endless customization, tweaks & new software/apps.  I love the friendly community ethos.

Yes, it’s official, Linux rules!

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