Having played VVVVVV & got stuck on an infuriatingly difficult level (must check You Tube.)  I bought The Humble Indie Bundles 3 & 4, which should give me something to dip into now & then to pass the time.

Sadly BIT.TRIP RUNNER’s Linux compatibility is non existent, first giving a quality warning, then refusing to launch.  However, it has given me the excuse to fire up Windows, also available on Macintosh, & I must say it is everything I hoped it would be.  To complete a level, you must jump kick & slide (more moves may be revealed) with precision timing in one perfect take.  One mistake leading you back to the start.  I have yet to face off an end of level boss, but the retro high score format should keep me coming back for more.

It would seem there are plenty of non violent games out there, each with it’s own unique appeal.

Get yourself on over to Steam & purchase Runner or maybe something else from the rhythmic BIT.TRIP stable.  You can also sign up for future Humble Indie Bundle news:

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