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Gnome Pie

I already use GLX Cairo Dock [Mac style launcher clone] with Gnome Shell.  This gives, otherwise lacking minimise/restore & power options [besides suspend.] However I am new to the joys of Gnome Pie: The great thing being Ctrl + … Continue reading

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Excited by my little LEGO clown figure I decided to buy 5 more mystery, series 5 LEGO minifigures. I got three more clowns, workout girl & cave girl, could it be any worse!?!  That’s a tenner wasted then…

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Laptop Surgery

Major surgery on the laptop, all to replace the LCD ribbon cable.  12yrs of bending & flexing has taken its toll.  Should be good for another 5yrs (hopefully!)  What with a KingSpec PATA SSD, (already has full allocation of KingSpec RAM.) The … Continue reading

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Colonel Blink The Short-Sighted Gink

Well my 12yr ol’ lappy is on tha blink, quite literally.  Even tho swapped out LCD unit & inverter with spare. The best solution may be one of these shiny new i3 ThinkPad Edges [Lenovo New Year dealio] a snip … Continue reading

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