Zorin OS

I can heartily recommend the Zorin OS, the Ubuntu based respin.  Everything works out the box much like Ubuntu except suspend.  A word of warning there is no upgrade feature unlike Ubuntu.  So may make sense to run LTS as all data will have to be manually backed up before a fresh install, reinstalling all apps.  However it is looking very slick & certainly offers more eye candy than the Xubuntu it replaced.

I chose Zorin OS for it’s mimicking of the XP desktop environment (DE.)  Although not a true clone (shame, but probably illegal) it may ease certain user’s transition from XP forward.  The main advantage being one of speed over sluggish XP on identical hardware, with the possibility of an SSD upgrade (more speed.)  XP will never support TRIM as it was not conceived at XP’s genesis & running an SSD is by way of messy hacks (as far as I can gather.)


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  1. anthonyvenable110 says:

    Ok I recently heard about Zorin but I don’t know very much about it. Thanks for this article

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