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Cheap Chinese Imports

Main rig down, vintage laptop fall back. Never, never, NEVER buy cheap (mainly Chinese origin) electronic goods from eBay. They are a false economy with vastly reduced lifespan, when compared to legit products. I can only assume they are cheap clones … Continue reading

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How to Back Up & Restore Your Installed Ubuntu Packages With APTonCD

Looks very promising, have bookmarked for digestion later.  Would be handy as part of a a back up solution, but especially useful in a fresh install scenario, if upgrade goes bad:

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How to Install the MATE DE (GNOME II) Ubuntu

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How to Zero Fill a HDD

Ever needed to zero fill a HDD or flash key, either because you were having trouble with errant device, or a maybe to delete a virus?  Zeroing a hard drive is usually the last resort before either curing or junking. … Continue reading

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How to Boot From a USB Drive Even if your BIOS Won’t Let You With PLoP

Invaluable!: All that is needed is to create your multiboot USB stick via YUMI:  

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Thanks to anthonyvenable110.

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Linux is NOT Windows

Interesting if in depth read:

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