Dreamworks Render Madagascar III on Xeon E5-2600s


“To make a computer-animated film requires hundreds of terabytes of data and hundreds of illustrators (each with a high-powered workstation) and thousands of servers, Chan explained.

The company is in the middle of working on Madagascar 3, Europe’s Most Wanted, due in theaters this summer, and this film will take more than 60 million CPU-hours to render. DreamWorks will run its rendering code on 15,000 cores each night, some of them in its own data centers and some farmed out to the cloud to cope with peaks.

DreamWorks Madagascar 3Sorry, no sneak peek for webcast viewers

Chan said that compared to servers using the Xeon 5600 processors, the new Xeon E5-2600s could run the DreamWorks rendering software about 35 per cent faster. Also, using the 256-bit Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) instructions helped boost the performance of its shading algorithms by 40 per cent.”

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