Cheap Chinese Imports

Main rig down, vintage laptop fall back.

Never, never, NEVER buy cheap (mainly Chinese origin) electronic goods from eBay. They are a false economy with vastly reduced lifespan, when compared to legit products. I can only assume they are cheap clones and/or factory rejects/contain inferior components.

I learned this lesson early on but it has reared it’s ugly head this very instance, in that I was given, & came to rely on 1 x mini USB wireless adaptor. At least I now know which chipset works with both Windows/Linux & have ordered a (kosher) replacement from Amazon UK.

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2 Responses to Cheap Chinese Imports

  1. ching chong says:

    A massive jingoistic generalisation -i imagine many legit components are made ….guess where….in China

    • fleamour says:

      Yes… Buuuut, the fakes are churned out in legit factories, on the side, often with inferior workmanship. If the price is too good, be concerned.

      Go milk a cow.


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