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Boctanicula! What’s not to like?!?  Epic adventure… Amantia Design =-=-=-=-= Powered by Blogilo

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Network Tag

I think me & my neighbour/s are playing a game of wireless spectrum dodge!  Channel 9 ceased to be reliable, 6 was not much better, so now 1.  I have stepped up from low transmission to medium, then high, & … Continue reading

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Rhythmbox (12.04 LTS) Vs Banshee (11.10)

It puzzles me just why Canonical have gone with Rhythmbox insteada Banshee as the default media player.  Some have said Banshee is sluggish in comparison, not my experience.  For me, Amazon MP3 integration slays anything else Rhythmbox can offer?!? =-=-=-=-=Powered … Continue reading

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ThinkPad SSD

Seems KingSpec have a bit of a bad reputation, they are certainly the cheapest, will try again with, most likely, a Transcend. Will have to get saving again as already reallocated refunded amount. For now, a new £30 odd, 80GB, … Continue reading

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ThinkPad SSD

I’ve agonized for months over affording a KingSpec PATA/IDE SSD as the ultimate injection of much needed speed into a aged IBM T21 laptop.  I finally scrimped & saved the needed funds (£50 odd) & ordered drive from Memory C.  … Continue reading

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Memorable Quotes ~ The Voice UK Blind Auditions IV (Might’ve missed near the end)  “You got soul in a bowl!”  (Did he also say “soul on a pole?”)   “I ain’t got tactics, I got tic tacs…”  (Stay fresh!)

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Windows Live

So this is a test post from Windows Live Writer while I await BBC iPlayer download of The Voice UK:  4.  Blind Auditions. Ordered a truly great ski vid (DVD) today: I advise anyone to take a look at … Continue reading

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