ThinkPad SSD

Seems KingSpec have a bit of a bad reputation, they are certainly the cheapest, will try again with, most likely, a Transcend.

Will have to get saving again as already reallocated refunded amount. For now, a new £30 odd, 80GB, 5400rpm spinner from eBay will tide I over (image backup duties.) At least then, I can upgrade to the Precise Pangolin.

The Thai floods have really made traditional storage prices spike. Rates are silly money, still, in my opinion.

EDIT:  Well the Transcend PSD320 series has just hit the press & is available state side and in the UK:,15162.html

It offers superior speed over there lacklustre, for some, previous offerings.  SLC is recommended over cheaper MLC chips for O/S installations.  But the SLC is of the hook, crazy expensive!  Coming in at seventy quid for an 8GB drive.  I think I’ll pass thanks.

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