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Do You Ubuntu?

For all manner of geekery:

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Open Sourced Sonic The Hedgehog

Who doesn’t like hedge pigs?!? One of my favorite mammals from the animal kingdom, but this is beside the point. Now, who remembers the SEGA Mega Drive? (That my parents in their infinite wisdom deemed to not buy I.) I … Continue reading

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Royal Purple Ubuntu Wallpaper

Here is a wallpaper that just happens to be Ubuntu purple themed:

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BIT.TRIP.RUNNER Ubuntu 12.04 [LTS] 32-Bit

Bit Trip is now available to buy in the Ubuntu Software Center for $9.99. What with a failed install, I decided to try install again as bought as part of Humble Bundle earlier in the year. Indie Bundles are downloaded … Continue reading

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Stack Exchange ~ Power To The People

Since installing a modern OS (Pangolin), I’ve broke with tradition & started to lean heavily on a more modern way of obtaining help & assistance. Namely Ubuntu Stack Exchange. Not only is it nice to gain repute, but simply having … Continue reading

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Google Synch: Too Clever For It’s Own Good

So I’m on my mothers PC with rarely logged in Chrome (she uses Firefox.) Last time Chrome re-synced all the culled deadwood bookmarks I did not want. Being a rarely used installation there was quite a backlog of changes, so … Continue reading

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The Mighty Pangolin!

So, could resist no longer, what with servers partially recovering from meltdown madness, I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04. Lots of little regression bugs seemed to of been patched before my very eyes.  The only major bug was the top bar … Continue reading

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Never Give Up!!!

You have the power, you really do! When trouble shooting, only you can best describe the problem on support forums, or think of the correct nomenclature to Google.  With enough tinkering, you can even be your own tech support.  After … Continue reading

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BBC ~ Ubuntu Article

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I don’t know why or how you would say good-bye to Microsoft

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