The Mighty Pangolin!

So, could resist no longer, what with servers partially recovering from meltdown madness, I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04.

Lots of little regression bugs seemed to of been patched before my very eyes.  The only major bug was the top bar being drawn off screen, easily fixed by adjusting panning mode in the Linux NVIDIA driver settings.  So, it would seem I am one of the fortunate few to report no problems, other than usual configuration teething troubles.

So will upgrade laptop from 10.04 LTS to 12.04.1 LTS (Xubuntu) come July 19th.  The only thing being, do I save for a new ThinkPad?  Or upgrade current relic with a SSD that is worth more than the laptop itself?  I do get a kick out off using old tech for something outside of it’s designed purpose/life span & after all it is free to do so.  But the 8MB graphics accelerator is getting rather long in the tooth, ruling out most video media.  I guess it all comes down to finances.

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