Open Sourced Sonic The Hedgehog

Who doesn’t like hedge pigs?!? One of my favorite mammals from the animal kingdom, but this is beside the point. Now, who remembers the SEGA Mega Drive? (That my parents in their infinite wisdom deemed to not buy I.) I certainly envied my friends & would while away many happy hours playing their console.

So imagine my excitement on stumbling across Open Sonic in the PlayDeb 2 repositories, this is gonna keep I occupied for hours! As for the game itself, one needs to employ a certain amount of strategy by combining all three of the characters different powers. Knuckles climbs walls, Tails flies & Sonic is, er, super sonic I guess? A teleporter reunites all three after one of the team forges ahead with a solo challenge.

It has all the 16-Bit pixelated charm of BIT.TRIP.RUNNER (admittedly 8-Bit), while sporting more easily accessible game play, IE: Easier for me to play (I am no gaming veteran!)

For Ubuntu:

For Windows/OS X/other Linux:

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