New Laptop

My shiny new ThinkPad Edge E325 is built & dispatched. What with a Corsair 60GB Force 3 SSD also in post, I have primed a USB key with Xubuntu 12.04 (LTS), as no optical drive, & await with excitement!!! Swapping out the 7200 rpm spinner for backup duties should be a cinch with hardware maintenance manual. Also the laptop is Ubuntu certified, though this does not come preinstalled. I may even take advantage of the £14.99 Windows 8 upgrade.

There was some debate as to whether my model ships with a (keyboard) ThinkLight, but it is listed in specs.  However, there is something cozy about being closeted in darkness while still being able to type.

Whether I can sell my 2k vintage IBM, I’m not sure of the market for such (?) But maybe a forum post will clear things up. All in all 8.3 vs current 3 hrs battery life is insane! (based on 6 cell & spinner.)

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