Advantages of Linux

By no means exhaustive, the following are my various musings on the advantages of Linux:

  • No file fragmentation & therefore no lengthy defrag process, though to be fair this can be unobtrusively scheduled.
  • A disk check takes all of 5 seconds! As anyone who’s run CHKDSK can testify, it takes an age to scan & fix disk errors under any version of Windows.
  • A central system for both security & app updates.
  • Customization. There is endless customization options to tweak your fave distro of choice!
  • Innovation. Development happens at a blistering pace. Windows may get new functionality with, say, a service pack. But seems stale in comparison to Linux.
  • Bugs. Turning a negative into a positive, it can be very rewarding to hunt down/report/fix a bug.
  • Runs on hardware that would otherwise be scrapped, (LXDE/XFCE & others.)

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