O2 PAYG [UK] Huawei E173 USB Modem ~ Xubuntu 12.04 [LTS]

In this guide we will download & install a Spanish utility, then use said utility to completely bypass Network Manager.  Follow these instructions:

However, under 12.04;

sudo ./install

needs to be;

sudo bash install

Once installed, you will need to switch utility language to English:

Herramientas ==> Idioma ==> English

Then enter Tools ==> Profile Management to create a new profile.  Since we are using O2 PAYG, we will enter their details, though theoretically other network details should suffice.

Profile Name:  O2

APN:  Dynamic

Access Number:  *99#

User name/Password:  Your agreed upon/supplied O2 username/password at time of purchase

Authentication Protocol Settings:  Tick both ‘CHAP’ & ‘PAP’ boxes

At the main window, select O2 profile then hit connect.  You should be fine to go ahead & surf the web!

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