Gear Linkage

Pulling away in third gear sucks, fellow drivers overtake in disgust, with horsepower in such short supply, reliably selecting first gear is a must. The reason behind all this? Lots of play:

So… Its time for a new gear linkage repair kit!

1 ~ Soaking rubber bushes in freshly boiled water (your mileage may vary, I did not find it helped):

2 ~ Use your God given fingers & thumbs to get half started:

3 ~ Press home firmly with teaspoon handle:

4 ~ Again, use teaspoon handle to press home lower linkage rubber upon fitment.

5 ~ Fini.

Shifting seems awkward & not smooth at first, I guess it’ll take a while to wear in. Still, no more selecting third instead of first!

PS: Note on pricing, “gear linkage” as search terms does not show up under ECAS, however “lever” will.  Save yourself a tenner compared to The 2CV Shop.  I certainly wished I had. :’ (

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