Overheating Talk Talk Supplied DSL-2640R

So then, my old Talk Talk router was kinda grumpy, refusing & dropping connections on a whim.  I’d go online with my laptop while my tower slept, resume from tower, no connection without rebooting router.  Having a guest stay, I’d be in my room when a previously good connection would nosedive, resorting to mobile broadband. (Wireless n over g has not improved this.)

Heat stress may’ve played a bigger part than I knew.  I unpacked my new Edimax wireless n 150Mpbs (higher specs available, but as I understand this only affects internal file transfers & not in anyway limiting ADSL speeds.  Besides which my tower’s dual OS compatible card is rated at 150mps.)  Anyway, new router; my connection nosedived to oblivion twice in a four hour period.  Ethernet access?  Broke.  Wireless access? Also outa the question.  Feeling the top of router beneath my Linksys VoIP box was hot to the touch & therein lies the problem, I’ve always stacked them!

So, keeping the separates, well, separate, we should now be good for a permanent on situation.  All in all if heat stress can affect a brand new router, it’s worth remembering, as consumer grade equipment is usually only passively cooled unless modded.  Long-term exposure to heat causes various components to degrade/fail and can manifest itself as “intermittent” problems.


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