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French Fancy

So, car runs better than it ever has before after a basic service! New coil, cleaned connections (thanks Ben), new plugs, oil/filter change, new points gapped to 0.45 (new condenser), timing set statically (needing no adjustment dynamically.)  I will remove both … Continue reading

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Not sure this is worthy of a blog post, but here goes, maybe it’ll help someone, you never know. Replaced my openSUSE 12.3 repos with Tumbleweed repos, rolling release, hopefully never install again! Tumbleweed how to. Skype did not work … Continue reading

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openSUSE 12.3 KDE ~ Lenovo E325

Manfully struggled all day (much cursing!) to get Open SUSE 12.3 installed, the best implementation of KDE to date, on my Lenovo E325. Xubuntu had a nasty network bug where it would kick itself off the network taking everything else with it. … Continue reading

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Fast Facts

Now then… The Dyane 6 has a full 4hp more roar power than the equivalent 2CV! Also the engines are hardy, 200, 000 miles is not unheard of if serviced regularly (every 3000 miles.)

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Juicing For Health

Thanks Dean, feel healthier already, all hail the Juice Master that is Jason Vale! Supercharge your life;

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Dynamic Timing

Tippex dry! Start the engine…

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Do You Ubuntu?

Everybody’s favourite OS. Just like the 2CV, you either love it or you just don’t understand it!

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Static Timing Rod

To quote the club handbook; “Remove the rod or drill now, not after you have had a brew – severe damage will occur if you forget!” Gulp! No wonder engine would not turn with rod in flywheel recess. Flywheel looks … Continue reading

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Norco Torrent [2005]

Just like playing pool after snooker, working on my Norco is now super easy! Made when ‘zocchis where at their peak & butter smooth she’s game for a bit of gravity joy riding, I am however very unfit (probably something … Continue reading

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Nothing much to blog about of late… Work continues on 2CV apace. Mechanical things do not translate so well to the printed, albeit, digital page. I will get a few more photos up when car stripped. Anyhoo, this is Dyane, stickered up; … Continue reading

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