openSUSE 12.3 KDE ~ Lenovo E325

Manfully struggled all day (much cursing!) to get Open SUSE 12.3 installed, the best implementation of KDE to date, on my Lenovo E325.

Xubuntu had a nasty network bug where it would kick itself off the network taking everything else with it. The only solution was power cycling the router. I tried compiling the latest wireless driver, also the latest router firmware, but it would even happen with Ethernet. It would also kick itself off Wetherspoon’s public network.

The latest kernel should support UEFI, but SUSE would not boot! I had to switch to Legacy Mode in BIOS, whereupon recreating the partition table was key; therefore deleting previous GPT partition table.

Re: No boot on T420 with debian – Lenovo Community

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