I Am The Resurrection & The Life

Some of the cream of the last century’s talent, Cole Porter, Tupac, Biggie, James Brown, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson to name but a few. That & all centuries past, will stand up for their lot at the end of days in the grand resurrection of the dead as prophesied in God’s Holy Word the Bible.  This is no mere dream or flight of fancy, in fact, sooner would heaven & earth pass away  than one scripture go unfulfilled. Surer than night follows day is this precious hope.

This assumption is based on the inspired writings of the apostle Paul, having paid the price of sin; death, there will be a resurrection of the righteous & the unrighteous. Billions now dead will live again as the common grave; sheol is emptied. This is possible due to Jehovah God’s love & limitless, perfect memory.

It is not something given much attention in this world ruled by Satan the Devil, all the suffering we see around us, indeed even lascivious living is but a distraction from this Biblical truth.

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