Freezing Fox

Fed up to the back teeth of constant freezes, leading to power cycling the unit, I carried out a hardware reset today. Power off unit, hold the power button & up volume key to power back on, select the relevant option with volume key, power button to action. Heading to the giffgaff forums to enter correct carrier settings, I now notice GPS works indoors! Bargain! (It used to work only outdoors & take a minute or longer to geolocate.) Proper set up works wonders, no more typing home town then auto complete for local weather reports. Very pleased!!!  The only way to tell if the freezes are faulty hardware (RAM?) is to reset the phone to factory settings. I was understandably some what reluctant to take the plunge, & I’ve accidentally wiped my entire contacts list in the process, but it can be rebuilt when people actually contact me, if they do so at all. New beginnings & all that.

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