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Tablet Take Over

“I’ll address another issue with tablets… they simply aren’t designed well. What do I mean? Well simple, when I try to use one my hands get in the way. In our recorded history we always have had different input and … Continue reading

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Microsoft Comeback

Now then. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin… A lot of Windows hate circulates with the Linux die hards, saying this will be the year of the Linux desktop & imagining Microsoft already fallen from grace. I predict a … Continue reading

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Caffeine For Windows

I demand parity from all my fleet & this little gem makes Win 7 sooo much more usable. Available since Win 98, who knew, huh?;

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Firefox OS 1.1

On the 9th of December, Mozilla signed over 1.2 to their hardware partners. The very next day ZTE released version 1.1 for the European/American standard eBay bought Opens. The zip package is applied via SD card and is data destructive … Continue reading

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Add Ext File System Access to Windows For Free!

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