Microsoft Comeback

Now then. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

A lot of Windows hate circulates with the Linux die hards, saying this will be the year of the Linux desktop & imagining Microsoft already fallen from grace. I predict a comeback as Windows is still the #1 desktop OS of choice worldwide. Windows 7 was undoubtedly the finest ever out of camp Redmond. Toe to toe with XP it is far faster on identical hardware. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, XP sucked the lifeblood outa even the most powerful hardware, at least in my experience. Win 2k too was also sluggish, but without as wide a choice as today, I think many accepted sluggish performance as the norm. Then there was Vista. Shunned by the masses, after SP1 rolled around or thereabouts, it became a perfectly respectable OS.

I think the cash cow MS will blunder ever onward, hitting their stride with Win 9 (or should that be Windows Next?) Hopefully learning the lessons of the ill fated 8. Lets face it shoe horning a touch interface into interacting with mouse & keyboard hardware was never going to be a good fit. Touch based laptops anyone?!? Ubuntu are betting the farm on “convergence” with desktop, phone & tablet, all three platforms have their strengths & weaknesses but will Canonical pull it off? It remains to be seen. Meanwhile, MS continue to cement their phone platform in a worthy lower end of the market third place, behind iOS & Android. Incidentally, touch gives the impression of more control, but actually delivers less.

Easy to use & easy to administrate I like to think that Windows has a place with the non tech savvy user. They have learned how to interoperate a certain way & starting out as a newb again would be traumatic.  There is always Linux, Linux is marvelous. But just as there can be fixes coming down the pipeline new bugs can be introduced as well as regressions. Frenetic development is certainly exciting but we Linux users are a self hating bunch & gluttons for punishment. I stopped using Windows for years but by taking the Windows challenge & trying to live with it for a month or so I was pleasantly surprised. My main gripe was slowness, & don’t get me wrong, Win is a resource hog compared to Linux (but has polish Linux lacks.) However, uninstalling some of the cruft returned my everything & the kitchen sink Win 7 install to near stock speed. Not everyone is the die hard technorati sort who relishes a technical challenge. To some people computers are just a tool to automate & get things done. Windows, to some extent, is computing with the training wheels on (though the more tech orientated can delve deeper if they so wish), Linux just assumes you know what your doing. All in all I think there is room in the world for both Linux & Windows & no need for hate from either camp. And hey! If you got a Mac? Well done!

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