Tablet Take Over

“I’ll address another issue with tablets… they simply aren’t designed well. What do I mean? Well simple, when I try to use one my hands get in the way. In our recorded history we always have had different input and output areas. Think about it, when you sit at a laptop or desktop you have the input from the screen and then the output to the keyboard. I’m talking about this from the viewpoint of the USER not the device. Well on a tablet they are the same… so my brains input is constantly being interrupted by the fact that my attempts to output are obscuring my input source. Having a single field double as both input and output is just contrary to how we observe and deal with reality around us. Hand/Eye coordination exists for this very reason in our cognitive process. With a tablet you are trying to force both into the same space. While that works for some tasks, it doesn’t work well with others.”


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