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Massive Attack

Everything running like a Swiss watch after latest nuke & pave. Most likely attack vector? A dodgy repo! Never add & trust random strangers security key! Home repos are excluded by default, which I will definitely steer clear as once … Continue reading

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Hey yaw…

So… …It’s a thing, openSUSE Tumbleweed is a very real alternative to Windows if you donna mind shifting a paradigm or two. Sooo sleek, sooo sophisticated, doing all with ease. The installer is well good innit, I would advise to … Continue reading

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So, rolling release, what is your experience? Is deb more stable than rpm? PPAs better than OBS? (Open Build Service is the framework in which devs facilitate their software, think openSUSE PPAs.) Mint 17.3 upgraded to 18.0 runs tally ho! … Continue reading

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Dear Apple You sold me a 16GB iPad. Such miniscule storage is not fit for purpose. Please die! Yours enraged fleamour

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Now then… 

So, Nougat trickles outa India for the Lenovo owned Moto G with Oreo pencilled in for next year. SimpleNote scored a pretty important bug fix for their Linux clients. Android & iOS used to sync between each other fine, also … Continue reading

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