So, rolling release, what is your experience? Is deb more stable than rpm? PPAs better than OBS? (Open Build Service is the framework in which devs facilitate their software, think openSUSE PPAs.)

Mint 17.3 upgraded to 18.0 runs tally ho! But 18.1 introduces unstable suspend issues every random one in 6 sleeps. 18.0 runs bullet proof & apart from the green dots of progress, (that do not indicate any progress, so why have them? I believe them to be a regression from 17.3’s simple & elegant Mint logo, nod to elementary & how it should be done.)

I last threw down an install of openSUSE Tumbleweed (TW) on a Lenovo X250 1-2 yrs approximate. After swearing Mint was the most stable thing ever & cursing TW for being so damn buggy, I decided to reload.  Very glad I did as all bugs quashed! I have to say openSUSE’s engineer led tools are second to none & TW now edges out Mint for top spot of favourite. Mint comes second & Solus gets third with Ubuntu MATE perhaps an honorary mention-able fourth. (Purely my opinion.)  I eagerly monitor Solus’ progress.

An updated Intel chipset driver resulted in lower temps for the X250 under Windows 10 with  BIOS update bringing ten degree lower temps across the board. Linux still has Windows beat on everything but firmware/BIOS updates, but at least Lenovo has finally sorted.

Linux Voice & Micromart both bite the dust in quick succession leaving only Linux Action Show (LAS) & Linux Unplugged (LUP) podcasts to stay informed. I highly recommend them.

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