So which is redundant & surplus? Which is of greater value? Dual SSDs or mobile broadband? 

A singular Windows 10 instance is handy for troubleshooting a thorny PC problem now & then, & in matters of disk cloning & bootable USB creation… With the whole weight of x86 thrown behind legacy Windows, then arguably it is a necessary evil. In terms of resources, it is just plain greedy & inefficient. Ever updated Windows? It’ll struggle to apply a singular patch, whereas Linux excells even if every package needs recompiling. Windows automatically applies BIOS & firmware updates but the same can be attained through running the executable from a FreeDOS USB. Windows ramps the CPU fan compared to silent (open) SUSE. 

With all the above I’m seriously thinking of ditching Redmond’s finest & then using a giffgaff data only SIM paired with a £50 4G card. 

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