So then, hang about. ThinkPad Retro is now a thing. Will I be upgrading? Unless I sell the X250 & pay the difference or I am bequeathed a hefty sum, not likely. 

Made the migration to switch off trackpad & toward the sole use of the TrackPoint, personal preference but muscle memory still needs retraining. 
Also set battery thresholds to 80% via tlp, shoulda done this from new but meana eek out 100% extra life span. The tlp fullcharge can boost capacity when needed but I work mainly of AC. 

Set up Samba config, all GUI under Mint, but needs manual editing under openSUSE. Friendly help under both communities Solus can connect to both but cannot be seen on network. I may have to fiddle some more. However Solus has saved my bacon three times thus far, so still in it’s infancy. 

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