Mean Green Machines


Green is the colour of the beautiful new Mint 19.2 flat theme & also the default colour of openSUSE. I run a double vertical full HD (4k? Pah!) monitor C2D micro ATX battle stationed Minty setup in my man cave, with a double battery Lenovo X250 ThinkPad running all the openSUSE goodness.

Mint has the long familiar Ubuntu base (itself based on Debian) with Cinnamon running atop. This strikes a nice middle ground between GNOME & KDE. (I run KDE Plasma on my openSUSE box.) With Ubuntu comes the familiarity of apt & PPAs. My openSUSE install always used to eventually break with zypper dup. This is before I discovered the –no-allow-vendor-change switch, now the default behaviour. PPAs on the other hand rarely caused problems. Both are more than 99% of the way there to the ultimate Windows replacement for the casual & even the odd professional use case. The last mile being polish, often a graphical glitch. Things have certainly come a long way since the Hardy Heron & can only improve.

Screenshot from 2019-09-14 11-55-26

The new Icon theme for Tina had me switch full time from Numix Circle! I do believe there’s been some cross pollination from Daniel Fore (?!?) elementary founder, as Icons really pop in HD.

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