Xubuntu Full Circle


I still hear various Linux commentators swear allegiance to XFC3 to this day, & it is fairly rapid while still being customizable. I started out with Hardy Heron Xubuntu on a IBM ThinkPad T21 that could not stream YouTube due to the measly graphics “accelerator!”

Any way fast forward to 2019 & I have a rather unremarkable Lenovo ThinkPad X200 running Xubuntu 19.10. The C2D chipset just about holds it’s own for my basic needs. Sure the screen is not suitable for outdoor use but’ve been desperate to afford one in it’s hey day. They can be picked up cheap on eBay these days & can max out at 8GB of RAM, on par & sometimes exceeding the latest Raspberry Pie model performance wise while being in similar price bracket once screen & keyboard are added. The keyboard is battle proven & highly regarded to this day, the form factor pleasing & just so damn lovable! You can even Libreboot them, but this gave me trouble with LVM partitioning, suspend & hibernate.

It reminds me of my first laptop hand modded from 800Mhz to 1GHz upgraded with a T22 heat sink to compensate for thermals. Many a happy hour wasted reinstalling what was peak Windows, Win2k, because I had not heard of disk images & Linux was a far cry from regular use. (I had tried to install Ubuntu but got a kernel panic.)

So here is looking forward to the next “H” installment!

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