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Dear Apple You sold me a 16GB iPad. Such miniscule storage is not fit for purpose. Please die! Yours enraged fleamour

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Now then… 

So, Nougat trickles outa India for the Lenovo owned Moto G with Oreo pencilled in for next year. SimpleNote scored a pretty important bug fix for their Linux clients. Android & iOS used to sync between each other fine, also … Continue reading

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Microsoft Comeback

Now then. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin… A lot of Windows hate circulates with the Linux die hards, saying this will be the year of the Linux desktop & imagining Microsoft already fallen from grace. I predict a … Continue reading

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Have you always fancied yourself as a Dee Jay? Mixxx gives you everything you need to become a professional DJ (except talent and hard work). I’ve been playing with it & am pretty impressed!

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Think Again?

Some ThinkPad luuurve!

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iPhone 5 Madness

OK. People are entitled to like Apple, hell, I like Linux. But it’s provided at no cost to the user. I would not say it is “free” as clearly a lot of blood sweat & tears go into making it … Continue reading

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Boctanicula! What’s not to like?!?  Epic adventure… Amantia Design =-=-=-=-= Powered by Blogilo

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