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So… Win 10 Pro, extensive troubleshooting, no sound! Bang goes Traktor (silently.) OK, a little butt hurt but Linux has a crazy arsed reverb! Cannot win with this esoteric hardware?!? My low-fi is not going super 8 anytime soon. Advertisements

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So then, hang about. ThinkPad Retro is now a thing. Will I be upgrading? Unless I sell the X250 & pay the difference or I am bequeathed a hefty sum, not likely.  Made the migration to switch off trackpad & … Continue reading

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Migrating Linux OS from 256GB to 512GB SSD

Thought I’d document how to migrate a Linux OS to a larger disk using 100% FOSS tools. 256GB is a bit pokey these days especially when dual booting, virtual or otherwise. Let’s get to it: The first step is optional … Continue reading

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Choices/Either Or

AMD or Intel? iOS or Android? Windows or Linux? Integrated vs discreet? ARM or X86? ThinkPad or MBP? Firefox or Chrome? Deb or RPM? Rolling or LTS? Lossy or lossless? Nintendo or SEGA? Proprietary or open sourced? Cupertino or Redmond? … Continue reading

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So, the Mint devs have nailed the suspend issue introduced in 18.1! Good job as accidentally deleted my Clonzilla image back up of Mint 18.0. Doh! 

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So which is redundant & surplus? Which is of greater value? Dual SSDs or mobile broadband?  A singular Windows 10 instance is handy for troubleshooting a thorny PC problem now & then, & in matters of disk cloning & bootable … Continue reading

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Massive Attack

Everything running like a Swiss watch after latest nuke & pave. Most likely attack vector? A dodgy repo! Never add & trust random strangers security key! Home repos are excluded by default, which I will definitely steer clear as once … Continue reading

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