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Migrating Linux OS from 256GB to 512GB SSD

Thought I’d document how to migrate a Linux OS to a larger disk using 100% FOSS tools. 256GB is a bit pokey these days especially when dual booting, virtual or otherwise. Let’s get to it: The first step is optional … Continue reading

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So, the Mint devs have nailed the suspend issue introduced in 18.1! Good job as accidentally deleted my Clonzilla image back up of Mint 18.0. Doh! 

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Think Again?

Some ThinkPad luuurve!

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openSUSE Rules The Roost

Pretty pleased with my first taste of KDE, kinda like a nice curry. How the laws of repo management work, I confess I do not know. Mine are already a rabbit warren of randomly hacked crossed wires & tangled spaghetti … Continue reading

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Not sure this is worthy of a blog post, but here goes, maybe it’ll help someone, you never know. Replaced my openSUSE 12.3 repos with Tumbleweed repos, rolling release, hopefully never install again! Tumbleweed how to. Skype did not work … Continue reading

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openSUSE 12.3 KDE ~ Lenovo E325

Manfully struggled all day (much cursing!) to get Open SUSE 12.3 installed, the best implementation of KDE to date, on my Lenovo E325. Xubuntu had a nasty network bug where it would kick itself off the network taking everything else with it. … Continue reading

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Do You Ubuntu?

Everybody’s favourite OS. Just like the 2CV, you either love it or you just don’t understand it!

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Overheating Talk Talk Supplied DSL-2640R

So then, my old Talk Talk router was kinda grumpy, refusing & dropping connections on a whim.  I’d go online with my laptop while my tower slept, resume from tower, no connection without rebooting router.  Having a guest stay, I’d be in … Continue reading

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Old router dying of heat stress, ordered a DSL router ‘steada ADSL… DOH! Thanks to the fine looking people at SCAN International:

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