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Have you always fancied yourself as a Dee Jay? Mixxx gives you everything you need to become a professional DJ (except talent and hard work). I’ve been playing with it & am pretty impressed!

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Memorable Quotes ~ The Voice UK Blind Auditions IV (Might’ve missed near the end)  “You got soul in a bowl!”  (Did he also say “soul on a pole?”)   “I ain’t got tactics, I got tic tacs…”  (Stay fresh!)

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Slow Flash

Old hardware?  Slow video performance?  Flash on Linux is known to be inferior to Flash on Windows.  Cannot stream at 360p? Somethings to try: Use Lubuntu or Xubuntu distros Opt in to HTML5 You Tube: Use Firefox?  Try Flash-Aid. If … Continue reading

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Grumble, grumble

Vector imaging = unlimited upscaling.  Wish this would be rolled out as standard.  Rubbish low res iTunes artwork! Solution:

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Rescan iTunes Library

If like me you found Windows Media Player 11 [WMP] to be complete crud & iTunes to be a necessary evil.  Then you may lament the lack of an option to rescan your music library under iTunes.  WMP, Banshee & Winamp, to … Continue reading

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Floex Album Zorya

Thought I’d big up musical artist Floex for his inspired chill/electronica.  Pay just 6 EUR, or more if desired.  Various popular lossy/lossless formats available:

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Super Heavy

I, for one, am excited ’bout the upcoming release from Mick Jagger’s new super band fusing both Eastern & Western flavours. Out this Friday.  Download the deluxe version from Amazon MP3 (usually cheaper than iTunes.)

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