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De-constructing Fear

Fight or flight? I did it! I faced down my fear! I finally understand how to break the negative cycle of fear of fear (therefore, keeping fear alive.) Claire Weekes was right, banging on about the same concept a quadrillion … Continue reading

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Open Sourced Sonic The Hedgehog

Who doesn’t like hedge pigs?!? One of my favorite mammals from the animal kingdom, but this is beside the point. Now, who remembers the SEGA Mega Drive? (That my parents in their infinite wisdom deemed to not buy I.) I … Continue reading

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BIT.TRIP.RUNNER Ubuntu 12.04 [LTS] 32-Bit

Bit Trip is now available to buy in the Ubuntu Software Center for $9.99. What with a failed install, I decided to try install again as bought as part of Humble Bundle earlier in the year. Indie Bundles are downloaded … Continue reading

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Getting some mass mileage outa an old Sony MP3 player. ¬† The Sonic Stage software (not drag & drop) is Vista compatible so works under 7. ¬†Dropping the bitrate to 48 kbps ATRAC, renders the 1GB storage very capacious indeed! … Continue reading

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