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Elementary My Dear Watson… (Said Sherlock Holmes Never)

Elementary OS is minimalist, so sparse in fact, that it could be seen as just a collection of apps. Besides a file browser & settings there really isn’t all that much to see, or even tweak. Billed as the OS … Continue reading

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BIT.TRIP.RUNNER Ubuntu 12.04 [LTS] 32-Bit

Bit Trip is now available to buy in the Ubuntu Software Center for $9.99. What with a failed install, I decided to try install again as bought as part of Humble Bundle earlier in the year. Indie Bundles are downloaded … Continue reading

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The Mighty Pangolin!

So, could resist no longer, what with servers partially recovering from meltdown madness, I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04. Lots of little regression bugs seemed to of been patched before my very eyes.  The only major bug was the top bar … Continue reading

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Brown Bread

So, I thought my vintage IBM T21 was toast.  I stripped the only parts of resalable value, HDD, PCMCIA card & RAM. I reassembled to trouble shoot, resulting in a new fault.  My animated Plymouth splash was sluggish & opening … Continue reading

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*buntu LTS

Although it’s exciting to be at the bleeding edge, I really would advise sticking with Ubuntu’s Long Term Support release over normal releases.  It tends to be far more rock solid & stable in practise.  & there is a lot … Continue reading

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