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Linux Compatible Wireless PCI Card

Tired of burning through your nano USB n 150 adaptors? Want a dual antenna 300 rated wireless PCI card with great Linux compatibility for your tower? Dual booting Win 7? Then look no further than the Monoprice PCI Wireless Lan … Continue reading

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How to defragment your XFS partition


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Booting openSUSE From USB

I recently could not uninstall FGLRX proper from my Tumbleweed laptop. Now that Factory is getting automated testing towards stability & Tumbleweed is not true rolling release (about 15-20% of packages on top of the latest base.) I decided to … Continue reading

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Do You Ubuntu?

Everybody’s favourite OS. Just like the 2CV, you either love it or you just don’t understand it!

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Working Against The Flow

Now then… I wanted to use compact title bar & borders under Chromium on my laptop (XFCE), & system title bar & borders under Chrome on my tower (GNOME.) ¬†After endlessly switching both, I figure Chrome is¬†syncing settings between both … Continue reading

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BIT.TRIP.RUNNER Ubuntu 12.04 [LTS] 32-Bit

Bit Trip is now available to buy in the Ubuntu Software Center for $9.99. What with a failed install, I decided to try install again as bought as part of Humble Bundle earlier in the year. Indie Bundles are downloaded … Continue reading

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How to Install the MATE DE (GNOME II) Ubuntu


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