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Linux Compatible Wireless PCI Card

Tired of burning through your nano USB n 150 adaptors? Want a dual antenna 300 rated wireless PCI card with great Linux compatibility for your tower? Dual booting Win 7? Then look no further than the Monoprice PCI Wireless Lan … Continue reading

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Caffeine For Windows

I demand parity from all my fleet & this little gem makes Win 7 sooo much more usable. Available since Win 98, who knew, huh?; http://www.zhornsoftware.co.uk/caffeine/

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Conky For Windows

If you’ve ever seen Conky, you might covet it’s minimal system status display.  Well now there is something similar for Windows too, called DesktopInfo: http://www.glenn.delahoy.com/software/ Shout out to Glenn who wrote the freeware monitor program.  Just pop a shortcut into … Continue reading

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It’s days like this when the light is strong that I regret not scoring a sweet high definition monitor.  Everything looks pixelated, even more of an eyesore on a made in 2k laptop…

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My Windows 7 Verdict

It’s safe to say Win 7 is my favourite OS.  It’s, as anyone using it will testify, a step up from XP.  It’s sheeny, it’s shiny.  It boots far quicker (with BitLocker disabled) on identical hardware than disk thrashing XP.  It even appears to outpace Ubuntu … Continue reading

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Been battling a possible malware infection within Windows 7 all week. The experts are stumped & so am I. The last resort is to decrypt (C:) drive & mount search for errant folders via live CD. I do kinda love … Continue reading

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