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Roof Down & Going For It!

Valves gapped, wings back on, did you ever see the like of that panel gap?!? Idles without excessive choke now, no misfiring. Reckon one of the exhaust valves was closing up. Just need to adjust idle rpm; a little more … Continue reading

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Windows = Bloatware! >: (

Just airing my opinion in the comments section of Tux Radar. Reproduced below; I always wondered why my first few computers were so slow & lusted after an SSD (at the time not in production except for the military.) Turns … Continue reading

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Now then… valves. Exhaust valves were pretty tightly closed up = lumpy idle/stalling? (I hope so!) Child’s play to set, merely a 10mm ring spanner & flat bladed screwdriver + feeler gauges to check adjustment. Fully compress spring, adjust opposite … Continue reading

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