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XP => Xubuntu Migration

Weaning my mother gently from XP onto Xubuntu.  Have left written instructions on how to boot Xubuntu from F11 key press at POST (both OSs hard partitioned.)  Otherwise XP boots as normal. Xubuntu boots into a instantly usable desktop, idle … Continue reading

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Outlook Express 6 Won’t Print Email Body

Outlook Express 6 would only print the header and footer (not the actual content) under XP SP3.  I Googled this, but various fixes did not either apply or work.  In the end I solved with the following: Tools ==> Options … Continue reading

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The XP Experience

XP ~ For an inferior experience, sapping the very will to live from any/all hardware it manages to leech from.

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Unity Is The Future

The Unity desktop environment is the future, although it will take getting used to a new way of doing things.  Currently I have Reveal Mode set to “None” while auto hiding the Unity launcher (Alt + F2 ==> about:config.)  This will disable … Continue reading

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To Own A Car…Or Not

“Where there are no cattle the manger is clean, but the crop is abundant because of the power of a bull.” ~ Proverbs 14:4 (Principles never date.)

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Winter is Here

Huddled here in the cold wearing a hooded sweat, suddenly had a flashback of snowboarding! Good times…

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Help! All My XFCE Panels Have Disappeared.

This has never happened to me before.  A seemingly rare occurrence, but… Solution:

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Conky Xubuntu 10.04 LTS

Followed this template to get Conky running under Xubuntu 10.04 LTS: A little search & replace here, a little edit there:  

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Brown Bread

So, I thought my vintage IBM T21 was toast.  I stripped the only parts of resalable value, HDD, PCMCIA card & RAM. I reassembled to trouble shoot, resulting in a new fault.  My animated Plymouth splash was sluggish & opening … Continue reading

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My Linux Ramblings

Followed this guide for a lovely Conky theme: [See step 5 for boot script]

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