Yo! Apple!

Now then, Apple’s green credentials are second to none? Admirable. Price gouged for a premium device? You can see where this is going…

Windows/Linux/Android: Download your files, unzip, go conquer, hey?!? Own your own files? Own your own file system? No. Apparently not. Retina screen or no I will not be investing in anymore of the required iFamily. Now maybe I do not get the Apple mindset, I am but an Apple novice, however, intentionally crippled from the get go? Do not wander from the beaten path people! iOS also looks dated, silver ninties dated. No unifying Material Design ethos. Cannot theme icons? Neither can Windows to be… wait… Blue light filter? Apple is worth losing sleep over. Aaaaaargh! There are security advantages, begrudgingly, but I do not sing Apple’s praises. Man! How infuriating!!! Topping it all off the iOS WordPress app sucks at editing!

Edit: Bulk loading MP3 files without iTunes on t’ Pad?  Trying to download archived file & unzip locally was impossible. Apple obfuscates the file system, every app having it’s own file system in isolation. Every turn was road blocked only being able to add files one at a time! It turns out CloudBeats will play DropBox MP3 files however. Angry rant over!

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OS Agnostic?!?


Using Windows makes you appreciate Linux more, using Linux makes you appreciate Windows more.

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ThinkPad X250

So in the midst of Western white privilege, I sunk a grand on a ThinkPad X250. Yeah, it has two batteries but I have not managed to install Linux on the M.2 SSD yet. Cracking the case open, (possibly) voiding the warranty, was a very anxious 😓 moment! I think I broke a clip, one screw cross threaded, sigh 😢, one rubber dome thing, goes where exactly? Damn my greed, but I now own the hardware.

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Linus Torvalds

To paraphrase Linus, I like computers because you tell them what to do & they do exactly that & no more. Maybe I’m on the autistic spectrum, but life is not like that!

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Current Setup

elementary OS 0.3 Freya

elementary OS 0.3 Freya (64-bit)

Built on Ubuntu 14.04

Lenovo ThinkPad E325

Dual-Core AMD E-450 APU with Radeon HD Graphics

8GB memory

AMD/ATI Wrestler Radeon HD 6320

Samsung 840 Pro

(Build quality on this faux ThinkPad was appalling & failed within roughly three years. Hinge stress point ruptured chassis. Would not recommend.)

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Linux Compatible Wireless PCI Card

Tired of burning through your nano USB n 150 adaptors? Want a dual antenna 300 rated wireless PCI card with great Linux compatibility for your tower? Dual booting Win 7?

Then look no further than the Monoprice PCI Wireless Lan 802.11N (105338) at Bambuzo. They checkout with PayPal so no typing in your address. Although twice the asking price of other nix cards they ship to Europe, & hopefully, you get what you pay for. Linux compatibility was plug & play & works post suspend to RAM. I have not tested with 7 yet but will report back soon…


Driver seems baked into 7 so no need to spin up CD!

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Quote of the day.

“Times of adversity elicit rare talents that otherwise may stay hidden in prosperous times.”

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