Massive Attack

Everything running like a Swiss watch after latest nuke & pave. Most likely attack vector? A dodgy repo! Never add & trust random strangers security key! Home repos are excluded by default, which I will definitely steer clear.

On a side note the X250 was the last X Series ThinkPad with old style logo (BBC anyone?) which I hugely prefer, also the fingerprint works reliably under openSUSE. Not like the X260’s encrypted effort.



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Hey yaw…



…It’s a thing, openSUSE Tumbleweed is a very real alternative to Windows if you donna mind shifting a paradigm or two. Sooo sleek, sooo sophisticated, doing all with ease. The installer is well good innit, I would advise to hard partition for simplicity’s sake. Everything works, apart from my install falling apart in my hands, due to what I assume was a drive by hack. Very weird things happened before my eyes, however I’m hoping Snapper can save the day if ever there is a next time. Fortune holding, everything is OK so far…

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So, rolling release, what is your experience? Is deb more stable than rpm? PPAs better than OBS? (Open Build Service is the framework in which devs facilitate their software, think openSUSE PPAs.)

Mint 17.3 upgraded to 18.0 runs tally ho! But 18.1 introduces unstable suspend issues every random one in 6 sleeps. 18.0 runs bullet proof & apart from the green dots of progress, (that do not indicate any progress, so why have them? I believe them to be a regression from 17.3’s simple & elegant Mint logo, nod to elementary & how it should be done.)

I last threw down an install of openSUSE Tumbleweed (TW) on a Lenovo X250 1-2 yrs approximate. After swearing Mint was the most stable thing ever & cursing TW for being so damn buggy, I decided to reload.  Very glad I did as all bugs quashed! I have to say openSUSE’s engineer led tools are second to none & TW now edges out Mint for top spot of favourite. Mint comes second & Solus gets third with Ubuntu MATE perhaps an honorary mention-able fourth. (Purely my opinion.)  I eagerly monitor Solus’ progress.

An updated Intel chipset driver resulted in lower temps for the X250 under Windows 10 with  BIOS update bringing ten degree lower temps across the board. Linux still has Windows beat on everything but firmware/BIOS updates, but at least Lenovo finally sorted.

Linux Voice & Micromart both bite the dust in quick succession leaving only Linux Action Show (LAS) & Linux Unplugged (LUP) podcasts to stay informed. I highly recommend them.

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Dear Apple

You sold me a 16GB iPad. Such miniscule storage is not fit for purpose. Please die!

Yours enraged

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Now then… 

So, Nougat trickles outa India for the Lenovo owned Moto G with Oreo pencilled in for next year. SimpleNote scored a pretty important bug fix for their Linux clients. Android & iOS used to sync between each other fine, also rpm & deb would sync between each other, but now the whole family syncs in an OS agnostic app. Another OS agnostic app with 50GB free is the cload service MEGA, which I highly recommend, even having a Tumbleweed client. 

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What follows is my newb observations;

16GB is far enough for as many Android apps as you like, especially if pared with an SD card. iOS, on the other hand, only manages two screens worth, including stock apps. It’s not all bad though. Battery life is amazeballz, you can let the tablet sleep, never turning off with no dicernable drop off overnight (WiFi only model). Something that cannot be said for Android, where turning off overnight to preserve battery is prudent. Of course, the base file system (iOS) is not user manipulative. Get with this paradigm & this is actually a feature not a flaw.

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Nougat & Beyond

Android 6.0 really ups the game with formatting SD card as internal storage. Those with a measily 8GB phone like the 2nd gen Moto G will benefit. The Nexus phones do not have SD cards, the Moto G seems to strike a sweet spot.

Battery life takes a giant leap with two days perfectly possible if you turn your phone off at night & use Hermit for Facebook. Greenify has an aggressive doze feature which should help in conjunction with Twilight app. Your mileage may vary but you could discover that an SD card r/w speed upgrade is needed. 

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