Linus Torvalds

To paraphrase Linus, I like computers because you tell them what to do & they do exactly that & no more. Maybe I’m on the autistic spectrum, but life is not like that!

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Current Setup

elementary OS 0.3 Freya

elementary OS 0.3 Freya (64-bit)

Built on Ubuntu 14.04

Dual-Core AMD E-450 APU with Radeon HD Graphics

8GB memory

AMD/ATI Wrestler Radeon HD 6320

Samsung 840 Pro

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Come Back Windows 7! All is Forgiven!!!

Forced to use a Win 7 rig while convalescing at my mothers, I’ve found different tools to accomplish Linux tasks & actually grown quite fond of MS best.

Have I been burnt by too many random bugs you ask?!?

The whole Ubuntu certified Lenovo experiment (not really a thoroughbred ThinkPad) E325 running the premier KDE distro; openSUSE. What with only 11,000 downloads of Tumbleweed. Does not have enough users to step up to the Linux dream of the daily use, community built, stable, dare I say polished? Distro. The touchpads physical mouse buttons are sometimes randomly detected, having to close the lid, wait for sleep, then reopen = much frustration. Also KDE 5.3 is very glitchy with a graphical flashing with most OpenGL animations. However the whole affair is very easy on the eye and CPU!

Linux has so much potential but I feel it is only half baked in places. My first smartphone was the Fx OS original Open, (then the Flame). Switching to Android was like the scales falling from the apostle Paul’s eyes. With that in mind I have been convinced by my cousin, that when the time comes I will order a space grey MBP (Mac Book Pro.)

I will keep a hand in with Arch on the tower side of things, maybe push the boat out with a German Cirrus 7 fanless setup, or cheapo ASRock mobo reusing the current parts. But a Mac Book will be the order of the day. Welcome Apple…

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Linux Compatible Wireless PCI Card

Tired of burning through your nano USB n 150 adaptors? Want a dual antenna 300 rated wireless PCI card with great Linux compatibility for your tower? Dual booting Win 7?

Then look no further than the Monoprice PCI Wireless Lan 802.11N (105338) at Bambuzo. They checkout with PayPal so no typing in your address. Although twice the asking price of other nix cards they ship to Europe, & hopefully, you get what you pay for. Linux compatibility was plug & play & works post suspend to RAM. I have not tested with 7 yet but will report back soon…


Driver seems baked into 7 so no need to spin up CD!

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Quote of the day.

“Times of adversity elicit rare talents that otherwise may stay hidden in prosperous times.”

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How to defragment your XFS partition

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Microsoft Hardware Tax

Anything that ran on Win2k hardware generally would work with XP. The same with Vista, it would run Win 7 as they shared the same code base. Today a PC that runs 8.1 will run Win 10. That leaves me out in the cold for the technical preview as my tower only has Vista drivers. So it looks like Linux wins out especially as 7 runs sluggish on an SSD. Booting aside, elementary runs really responsively on a traditional spinning platter vs 7 on solid state media. I will be wiping 7, which increasingly I do not use, to replace with elementary OS Freya when out of beta.

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