What follows is my newb observations;

16GB is far enough for as many Android apps as you like, especially if pared with an SD card. iOS, on the other hand, only manages two screens worth, including stock apps. It’s not all bad though. Battery life is amazeballz, you can let the tablet sleep, never turning off with no dicernable drop off overnight (WiFi only model). Something that cannot be said for Android, where turning off overnight to preserve battery is prudent. Of course, the base file system (iOS) is not user manipulative. Get with this paradigm & this is actually a feature not a flaw.

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Nougat & Beyond

Android 6.0 really ups the game with formatting SD card as internal storage. Those with a measily 8GB phone like the 2nd gen Moto G will benefit. The Nexus phones do not have SD cards, the Moto G seems to strike a sweet spot.

Battery life takes a giant leap with two days perfectly possible if you turn your phone off at night & use Hermit for Facebook. Greenify has an aggressive doze feature which should help in conjunction with Twilight app. Your mileage may vary but you could discover that an SD card r/w speed upgrade is needed. 

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Asunder Spins Down

Asunder spinning down on you? You may have have selected more than one audio codec.

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OS Agnostic?!?


Using Windows makes you appreciate Linux more, using Linux makes you appreciate Windows more.

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ThinkPad X250

So in the midst of Western white privilege, I sunk a grand on a ThinkPad X250. Yeah, it has two batteries but I have not managed to install Linux on the M.2 SSD yet. Cracking the case open, (possibly) voiding the warranty, was a very anxious 😓 moment! I think I broke a clip, one screw cross threaded, sigh 😢, one rubber dome thing, goes where exactly? Damn my greed, but I guess I now own the hardware.

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Linus Torvalds

To paraphrase Linus, I like computers because you tell them what to do & they do exactly that & no more. Maybe I’m on the autistic spectrum, but life is not like that!

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Current Setup

elementary OS 0.3 Freya

elementary OS 0.3 Freya (64-bit)

Built on Ubuntu 14.04

Lenovo ThinkPad E325

Dual-Core AMD E-450 APU with Radeon HD Graphics

8GB memory

AMD/ATI Wrestler Radeon HD 6320

Samsung 840 Pro

(Build quality on this faux ThinkPad was appalling & failed within roughly three years. Hinge stress point ruptured chassis. Would not recommend.)

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