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Amazon Cloud Player

Now then… Amazon introduce their Cloud Player, breaking Banshee’s Amazon MP3 integration. It really was an iTunes killer for me, but hey? Life sucketh. It remains to be seen if the dev’s have anything up their sleeves, but their hands … Continue reading

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Rhythmbox (12.04 LTS) Vs Banshee (11.10)

It puzzles me just why Canonical have gone with Rhythmbox insteada Banshee as the default media player.  Some have said Banshee is sluggish in comparison, not my experience.  For me, Amazon MP3 integration slays anything else Rhythmbox can offer?!? =-=-=-=-=Powered … Continue reading

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Spotify For Linux

Following this guide? http://www.spotify.com/uk/download/previews/ “sudo apt-get install spotify-client-qt”  Not installing?  Solution: Delete auto added Spotify source code ppa from Software Sources.  You will also need to install Gnome Support package, not mentioned in Spotify guide.  (Though if running 11.04 may … Continue reading

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Getting some mass mileage outa an old Sony MP3 player.   The Sonic Stage software (not drag & drop) is Vista compatible so works under 7.  Dropping the bitrate to 48 kbps ATRAC, renders the 1GB storage very capacious indeed! … Continue reading

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Floex Album Zorya

Thought I’d big up musical artist Floex for his inspired chill/electronica.  Pay just 6 EUR, or more if desired.  Various popular lossy/lossless formats available: http://store.floex.cz/album

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